Our Rules

Pick Your Own Policies & Rules 

  • All guests visiting our pick your own fields are responsible for paying entry fee as well as paying for what they pick. 

  • Please only pick from the areas marked for picking, do not enter fields nor pick from areas designated not ready for picking. 

  • DO NOT THROW THE BERRIES and only pick ripe berries. 

  • Our fruit if too delicious to waste. So please ensure that you buy what you pick 

  • Guests & visitors of Zaberri visiting the farm or participating in activities do so at their own risk. 

  • Please ensure that you keep a safe distance from farm machineries. 

  • Keep your children safe and help them keep the farm in its finest condition (no stepping on crops, throwing berries, climbing) 

  • Wear closed toe shoes and farm friendly footwear 

  • Use trash can and recycling bins 

  • Here at Zaberri, we want to give you a safe environment; thank you for helping us to keep it safe.


Our price are subject to change without notice. Fall season goes into effect on September 25, 2019. 

Pet Policy 

At Zaberri world, we understand that your pet is part of the family and many of our customers like to bring their pets with them to the farm. But please bear in mind that we welcome pets if: 

  • They are leashed and well behaved (they don’t bother other customers) 

  • Their owners clean up any mess made by the pet. 

  • They don’t bother any of our livestock 

Pets are not allowed in any of the picking areas. All pets must be kept on the main farm lanes. Dogs are not permitted in the picking rows or orchards at any time. 

Rules for Zaberri World & Condition of Entry 


  • Apply sunscreen and wear hat 

  • Stay hydrated with lots of water 

  • Wear socks on the inflatables

  • Enjoy your time with fellow visitors and members of our team 

Here at Zaberri world, we know that the inflatables is a whole lot of fun, but we also ensure that everyone gets a fair go. 

  • Remember to play safe! No FLIPPING/ Feet first down slides (never slide down head first). Do not overcrowd and slide into people below. 

  • If you need help, see someone with a yellow vest. 

  • No rough play. This includes pushing, wrestling, shoving. After 3 warnings, you will be asked to leave. Safety is important for all our guests. 

  • Please no food or drink in the play areas. There is plenty of tented areas at the farm for having ice cream and food to help you cool down. 

  • No Socks – No Play. Don’t be sad if you haven’t come prepared, as socks will be available for purchase. 

  • No CLIMBING on the sides of the inflatables 

  • All children under 13 must be accompanied/supervised by an adult. 

  • Do not participate if you – Are unwell, have a bad back, are pregnant or have any form of injury. 

Condition to entry: 

  • All participants must wear socks at all times! 

  • All participants must wear wristband- No wristband, no play! 

  • All children must enter the inflatables under the care, supervision and responsibility of their parent/caregiver at all times. 

  • All measures are taken to provide safe environment for all our visitors and Participants use the equipment at their own risk. 

  • Please do not take your hats, jewellery, toys/tiaras, watches etc with you to the inflatables. 

  • All instructions given by Zaberri world staff must be followed at all times and Zaberri world is not responsible for your safety or injuries that may occur from unsafe play or inappropriate use of equipment (applies to children under 13) 


Disclaimer: All tickets sales are final. We do not offer refund or exchanges. We do not offer refunds due to weather. All activities are subject to change without notice due to weather conditions. This farm is smoke free environment. We do not allow smoking in the fields, orchards, markets or tented areas. 

Customers should bear in mind that while we have team members ensuring our visitors safety, injuries can occur whilst using play equipment. 

Management does not accept any liability for any injury and by entering the play area, you acknowledge and agree to these rules and conditions.