Boman is the man behind the success of Zaberri Farms. Boman started in the industry working at another farm when he was only 15. He had an empowering vision to one day own his own farm. He was determined to get going early, so set out to find a land owner that would lease him some land.

Boman spent many months looking for the right property, often being turned down as being too young. He persevered until he found the ideal piece of land where the landowner fully supported his vision and gave him the break. Boman will never forget this person and that day, “Zaberri farms had begun”. As the years progressed and the business grew Boman purchased his own farm land.

Looking back Boman says “Dreams Have No Limits” as long as you have the passion to go after your dream and not give up. He is a firm believer that every generation has the opportunity to remake the world into something greater. Boman has proudly grown his Zaberri business year after year to now being one of the larger suppliers of Strawberries in New Zealand and exporting as well.

Boman says that there is no secret formula for his success, he simply considers himself as a grower who was always thinking outside the box, he worked hard day and night in all areas of the business, continuously improving methods and processes while growing and distributing superior quality products to consumers.

As Boman stands looking out across his now large Zaberri farm he is constantly thinking of new ways to give us even better products to savour. Sustainability and looking after his big team always being top of mind. He never forgets the support of his parents, and the values they taught him. These values will continue to be passed on to so many that are now working around him. We get to enjoy delicious Zaberri Strawberries because Boman had a vision, a passion, plus a caring approach to the local community.



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Clients Say

  • Great price. Mould free and nice big strawberries. Will definitely be back next time.
    Maggie Chan
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  • Nice place to pick strawberries. Nice price and nice people
    Peter Liu
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