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A Little Story About Us

Zaberri focuses on premium quality, taste, consumer health, and Environmental Sustainability. Zaberri farms has emerged as an innovator and a leader in the Strawberry industry within New Zealand. The hard work that has been put in over the years is reflected in the consistency of a top quality product that is produced year after year.


Boman who is so passionate about growing sweet juicy Strawberries achieved his dream, that was to build a sustainable farm for growing and distributing superior quality products.

We focus on the taste & quality

You Choose Zaberri

100% Sustainability
Zaberri grows and operates with a core focus on offering its consumers premium quality Strawberries while protecting the environment. Our land is so important to us. The company is fully committed to making sustainable improvements across all its products. This includes sourcing its packaging from recycled material while leaving a minimal footprint on the environment. Please dispose of our packaging carefully and please don’t litter after enjoying our berries.
Ethical Employment
Zaberri understands the importance of the role our people play in everything that happens when making sure our Strawberries are at their best for you. We believe in a culture that everyone feels inclusive and valued. We care about our team and our team love seeing the smile on your faces when you visit our farm. Simply our Berries and team are handled with love and care.
Season Extension
Season extension is something all of us want. Strawberries are so Yummy and good for us. We are always focusing on, protecting our crops from damage from extremes of heat or cold, enhancing the growth of crops for quicker maturity and maintaining higher quality production under adverse weather conditions. Zarberri Farms are currently looking at ways to make our Strawberries available outside our current season.
Healthier Choice
Our team deliver to you the consumers Strawberries that are both healthy and tasty. We are researching and progressively implementing the use of natural predators to manage on the farm crop pests. Our harvest and packaging methodology has a big emphasis on improving the quality and shelf life of the fruit. By picking the fruit with the stalk straight into punnets, we ensure your fruit, wherever possible, is not touched at all!
We Are Zaberri farmfood

Our Farmers

Very resourceful & knowledgeable person responsible for growth & maintaining high quality plants

Most important part of Zaberri farm who overlooks the working of the farm and all processes driving to success

All round horticulturalist, responsible in managing harvesting on the field, works very closely with our picking team