We Are Berry Farmfood

Why Choose Zaberri

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    100% Sustainability

    Zaberri grows and operates with a core focus on offering it's consumers premium quality Strawberries while protecting the environment.

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    Ethical Employment

    Zaberri understands the importance of the role that it's people play in making everything happen. We believe in a culture that everyone feels inclusive and valued.

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    Season Extension

    Maintaining higher quality under adverse weather conditions. The company is also currently looking at ways to make Strawberries available outside its current season.

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    Healthier Choice

    Zaberri provides both domestically and internationally an exceptional Flavour and Premium quality of Strawberries and we are fully committed to keep it that way. Our team work within the industry to promote the use of natural predators to manage pests and diseases, and reduce sprays.

We are Zaberri Farmfood

Pick your own

There is nothing better than enjoying the day with the whole family while picking your own Strawberries. Pick Your own strawberries is open from 26 December till late January, from 9:00am to 6:00pm. This includes all public holidays.

Pick Your Own is Closed.

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We are Zaberri Farmfood

Our Ice - Cream Store

Ice Cream - Naturally Delicious

During summer all you need is an Ice Cream filled with goodness. Here at Zaberri we provide real fruit Ice Cream ranging from a wide selection of flavours. Our Ice Creams are made with our farms fresh berries, we continuously improve the brand and the Ice Cream we serve – Naturally Delicious. .

Ice Cream is always a good idea

Our Ice Cream store opens in the beginning of October right till the mid of February. Opening hours include 7 days a week including public holidays from 9am – 6pm.
We are Zaberri Farmfood

Farm to Table

Buy Farm Fresh Strawberries Daily

To serve our local customers, we sell our daily freshly picked strawberries at our farm gate throughout the strawberry season. Our strawberries are High Quality, Tasty and Naturally Delicious.

Including strawberries in your diet may;

  Improve Heart Function

  Boost Brain Function

  Be good for Skin Health

  Reduce High Blood Pressure

  Boost Immunity

We Are Zaberri Farmfood

Our Farm & Products

We are Zaberri Farmfood

Our Clients Say

  • Great price. Mould free and nice big strawberries. Will definitely be back next time.
    Maggie Chan
      - Pick Your Own
  • Nice place to pick strawberries. Nice price and nice people
    Peter Liu
      - Pick Your Own